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Mr. Ferrara is willing to tackle any high demanding renovation jobs. Rock-It Drywall Systems are extremely confident in the ability to deliver the best job humanly Possible! In fact, the work was so beautiful that after seeing the quality of the work, we increased the scope of the job to include the installation of new sheetrock in the bonus room, additional drywall repairs, and painting the entire house. The results are stunning!

​Rock-It Drywall System knew how to precisely schedule the work and achieve excellent results while meeting the schedule. Rock-It Drywall Systems work well with other subcontractors to get the job done. Dependable and highly responsible for any and all efforts of work produced. If any errors occurred throughout the job, Mr.Ferrara would thoughtfully consider all the possible solutions and discuss them with us, so that we could make the executive decision.

​Mr.Ferrara is a true craftsman and a professional, highly skilled in his trade and skilled in suggestions that are based on over 34 years of experience. We have had the thrill of seeing our house take shape and we now have the security of knowing that his drywall work will need minimal maintenance. By knowing the proper materials and techniques to use, he was able to complete the job efficiently, on time and with quality results. ​

​Mr.Ferrara has worked for our company installing and finishing drywall on various projects over the past 10 years. His work is of excellent quality and we have always been able to rely on Mr.Ferrara's professional and dependable serves. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Mr.Ferrara for any work in the drywall field.

As a remodeling contractor that performs all types of projects including very small jobs or huge corporate jobs. When we get overwhelmed with work we will subcontract it out to Rock-It Drywall Systems to get the job done right. Mr. Ferrara has been our primary subcontractor for hanging and finishing drywall for over 15 years. Mr.Ferrara is dependable, does quality work, and is very easy to deal with in any situation. I have also had many clients thank me for referring him to them.

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